Wilfred Camilleri - Curriculum & Portfolio

June 2013 till December 2014 : The GeneraL Soft Drinks Co. Ltd (COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MALTA)

Bottler for the world’s leading soft drink Company, including manufacturing and marketing facilities for the island of Malta with over 210 staff. Also importers of world renowned Beer, Water, Coffee and Energy Drink Brands

Post : Trade Marketing Executive (Product Development)

Re-joined the Marketing team at GSD to handle the Non Coca-Cola line of products which include;


- Stella Artois

- Lowenbrau 

- Berlin 

- Heineken Draught


- Llanllyr Source 

- Evian 

Energy Drink

- Monster Energy 


- Caffe Mauro 

In this role I have been entrusted with the following duties;

- Sales monitoring & reporting per brand and per SKU on a weekly & monthly basis, ensuring to meet monthly budgets.

- Penetration monitoring & reporting to sales team to increase numeric distribution.

- Monitor the Performance of Draught Equipment (for Beers) and Coffee Machines against set thresholds to ensure optimised performance.

- Meet clients with Sales team members to discuss introduction of brands and/or tackle and issues or difficulties regarding any brand.

- Hold weekly meeting with Technical and Sales Department to ensure smooth running operations for installations & dismantling.  

- Create Yearly Business Plans for each brand for Sales & Marketing and present final presentations to Top Management. 

- Deal with international partners & brand representatives form all brands.

- Increase numeric distribution by finding or creating new opportunities to gain higher sales volume on the market. 

- Increase visibility of the brands by effective distribution of POP Material and Activation Merchandising for both Off Trade & On Trade markets.

- Initiate & maintain localised web presence on GSD site and Social Media for the Brands in Malta, providing content in text and visual formats.

- Create Marketing Campaigns & promotions per brand to increase brand equity and increase sales volume.

- Carry out Brand educational initiatives for Clients and internal staff (sales team & technical) to have brand interactivity and ensure the right   delivery of the product to the end customer. This includes brand events and educational lectures.

- Create articles and PR communication for the brands, both for print and digital format.