Wilfred Camilleri - Curriculum & Portfolio

October 2003 to April 2011 : The GeneraL Soft Drinks Co. Ltd (COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MALTA)

Bottler for the world’s leading soft drink Company, including manufacturing and marketing facilities for the

island of Malta with over 210 staff.

Post : Graphics & Marketing Executive

Joined this company in October 2003 and was appointed to handle all Graphic Design requirements and being a key element in the creative building of Marketing concepts for all Coca-Cola brands, Interbrew brands and GSD brands produced or imported in Malta. Forming part of a team of two Marketing Executives & Brand Manager and responding directly to the Sales and Marketing Manager with responsibilities for;

- Concept and design creation of all marketing materials for all brands produced or imported by the company.

- Supervision & approval of all printing, web, film and radio marketing materials produced by the company according to TCCC EUG Standards &    


- Direct liaising with suppliers (Printers, Tv stations, Radio Stations, Web Subcontractors, etc.) from quote sage to job implementation.

- All Design & Supervision of POS (Point of Sales) & POP (Point of Purchase) material distribution by the Activation department.

- Creation and Design of 3D impulse purchase points in FC and IC channels like gondola shelfs, impressive displays etc. 

- Supervision of Brand image equity on all materials issued on the market from signage to product labels according to TCCC international    


- Design and implementation of brand exposure in stands in Fairs & Events.

- On site supervisor for Brand exposure during events and public functions.

- Managed a team of people in charge for setting-up & general branding during events.

- Responsible for photography & filming coordination - both for commercials & during events & functions.

- Video editing (currently using Adobe Premiere Suite) of in-house clips - adaptation for web and other media. 

- Responsible for online exposure & e-marketing, including company sites, e-flyers & viral advertising - eg: use of facebook.

- Design of Micro Brand sites including www.coca-cola.com.mt, www.dietcoke.com.mt, www.cokezero.com.mt, www.sprite.com.mt & 


- Conceptualization of the MyCoke campaign with the creation of the loyalty program linked with www.mycoke.com.mt

- Start of local Social Media approach on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube.


- Increase in control of distribution of all POS and POP materials promoting effective budget spending.

- Improvement in storage and re-usability of external exposure & branding material (eg: banners & canvas billboard materials).

- Faster and accurate development of Graphical and visual materials for all brands specific to the needs of the company & TCCC.

- Development of new brand identity for GSD. 

- Managed the development of new media for GSD with the introduction of web based campaigns and company presence.

- Developed the online presence for Coca-Cola products in Malta culminating with the launch of the MyCoke loyalty program in end 2008 till 


- Liaising with TCCC and EUG for updated artworks according to the international Coca-Cola Standards.