Wilfred Camilleri - Curriculum & Portfolio

January 2001 till present on part-time basis : fishyprojects & Wil Camilleri Photography (own company)

Freelance Graphic - Web Design & Photography

Post : Personal

Fishyprojects was created as a part-time venture in January 2001. The concept behind the company was to keep a niche clientele and focus on the quality of the service. This led to a number of specialised jobs including branding exercises for new Maltese companies, creating and designing of print material, news media advertising, web presences and CD/DVD Rom presentations. During this time responsibilities were;

Conceptualisation & Creation of both print and web based materials for various clients. 

- Liaising directly with the clients, brainstorming and creating all required materials in the requested media

- Sourcing third parties for specialised job requirements (example: high end 3D animations and web programming)

- Scripting marketing plans and strategies

- Company's administration work and accounting requirements

- Presenting marketing & design ideas to new prospective clients

- Liaising with and sourcing suppliers


- Increased number of clients from initial 2 to 8 in a six month period and generated a profit at end of year one

- Generated self promotion as a recognised designer.

- Focused on achieving a higher level of expertise in use of Photoshop, Illustrator, Freehand, Flash, Fireworks, Dreamweaver with knowledge both on MAC and PC 


- Acquired basic 3D design skills using software packages such as 3D Studio Max, Bryce, Vue D'Esprit, Poser 4 & Google Sketchup.

- Created a personal link with suppliers thus promoting more efficient service and increase in reliability

- Improved management skills with a hands on approach


Today fishyprojects is more oriented towards photography services through Wil Camilleri Photography (www.wilcam.net) offering photography services for events, fashion shoots but mainly concentrating on commission work for artistic based work.

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• Founder of Flickristi Group on flickr.com (which now boasts over 500 members)